Thursday, November 30, 2006


Kenshin Himura is a prominent figure in one of my favorite comics books. For me, he is a kind of perfect man. If he was real...... kekek..... In this post i will tell you a little bit about him.

Kenshin is well-known as bottousai and recognized by his distingushing marks: crossed-shape scar, red hair, reversed-edge sword called sakabatou, and pink komono.
Kenshin has a sort of "two-sided" personality. Normally, he is extremely polite, formal, helpful and well-mannered. This personality holds until he becomes angry or is engaged in battle. Here, in order to remain focus, he tends to hide his emotions and become sort of cold-hearted. Kenshin's two personalities are driven by his sense of justice. He cannot stand to see people being oppressed and taken advantage of (hence the reason why he joined the rebels in the Tokugawa era and also why he started wandering all over Japan).

Kenshin's original name was Shinta. Born into a peasant family, Kenshin suffered some tragedies early on in life which played a huge role in him developing his type of personality. The first tragedy was that his parents died when he was around seven or eight years old. This resulted in him being sold into slavery and being placed in the care of three gypsy women. This is where the second tragedy occurred. The gypsies were attacked and killed one night. Kenshin was able to survive the massacre that night because he was rescued by a swordsman named Hiko Seijuro. Seijuro, who was responsible for changing Shinta's name to Kenshin, took in Kenshin and raised him. Seijuro also taught Kenshin his sword style, Hiten Mitsurugi Ryuu.

At around the age of fourteen or fifteen, Kenshin developed his sense of justice and decided to join the rebels in their battle against the Shogunate. Whatever the reason, Kenshin then went on to become the famous assassin. After the war, Kenshin then started wandering all over Japan for ten years. He married Tomoe but pitty Tomoe died not long after the wedding day. When the anime series starts on television, Kenshin has just appeared in Kyoto and meets Kaoru who becomes his second wife. With Kaoru Kenshin has two sons.


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