Thursday, June 08, 2006


In a very beautiful shinny Morning at my office about 10.00 am

Herno: Wahyoe, i give you these flowers (with "tengil" face)

Me: Whattttt!!! it's impossible that you give me those flowers, pakde botak! I know who sent them haha......

Aida: Cieeee.......

Me: Hihi....

Reza: Mbak, what do you feel?

Me: What?! hmmm... it's a secret little brother!

Reza: Mbak, i just wanna know what women feel if men give them flowers. Me: It depends sweetheart.

Reza: Please tell me

Me: Do you plan to send flowers to your girlfriend?

Reza: Hmm....... hehe....... secret!!!

Me: oalah ndul!! (RUN!!!)

These beautiful fowers coming from a man who really cares and loves me. I post it to show my gratitude to him.


Blogger la-fitra said...

Mandi kembang tengah malam...tralalala trililili....sek asek asekk...ada yang kirim kembang...bentar lagi kirim udangan...tralala trililili

4:32 PM  

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